Friday, 15 July 2011

Punk and Cena Fight To Write Future!

It was another long eventful bashing from CM Punk that brought The Champ and the WWE chairman Mr. McMahon out together.

The recent conversations now appear to have formed a series that is largely punctuated by Punk’s on-again, off-again behavior that goes from deriding Cena and McMahon, to accepting, and then tearing the contract with WWE.

 When Punk and Cena enter the ring on July 17, 2011, all eyes will be set on the fight that is being touted as the WWE’s future-teller. World Wrestling Entertainment’s past may not have largely been written by these two fighter’s acts, but the future certainly will.

Through WWE Money in the Bank live stream, viewers would come to know what they would get to see from thereupon. And I can tell fans right now, what they may not be able to see ever!

CM Punk recently arrived at RAW to work out his contract with WWE. A settlement never looked out of place as McMahon seemed, even though grudgingly, all ready to sign the paper with anything on it!

And he did sign the paper amidst Punk’s outrageous demands, which included a private jet, a role in his own movie, and the main card event in next year’s Wrestlemania.

But there was always going to be something more than just contract signing. In comes John Cena The Champ, and out goes Punk without the contract in his hand. He tore the contract and left the ring, but not before he had declared himself as the winner of the upcoming match.

Watch WWE Money in the Bank online, though you already know who the winner of the match is going to be, if you take Punk’s announcement seriously.
Well, whatever happens on Sunday, it’s pretty sure that it won’t be something easily forgettable. 
Their ripping each other off would never be so satisfying.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Fights Between Randy Orton And Christian Always Has A Story!

And how often have they fought against each other? Umpteen times!
The singles match between the two for the World Heavyweight Championship would be an event to look out for on July 17. Christian, who would look to regain his World Heavyweight Championship title, is hoping to make best use of this opportunity at hand. 

This fight has been further glorified by the condition set to appear in the match.
If the idea to catch the WWE Money in the Bank live stream acts as a precursor and encourages you to stay tuned to everything related with the upcoming event, then Randy Orton’s duel with Christian, hammered down by a sort-of warning to Orton that could easily drop the win in Christian’s hand, would act as a propeller.

It has been stated at the onset that if the referee shouts a ‘bad call’ to Orton, Christian would be declared the winner right away! And this would mean that Christian would happily walk away with the title he lost to Orton in May this year.
Christian’s win at Extreme Rules, earlier this year, gave him his first World Heavyweight Championship title, but it slipped out of his hand five days later, after Randy Orton thumped him down in a Smackdown episode. 
He got his shot at the title again at Over The Limit event, but it wasn’t going to go well for him there either. Is it a coincidence that he was once again made to fight Randy Orton?


No, and it isn’t a coincidence either that he will once again fight for the same title against the same fighter. Watch WWE Money in the Bank online and see another story transpire on July 17 in Chicago.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Punk or Cena – Who Will Survive To Battle in Future WWE Championships?

WWE may be intending to bring Money in the Bank of the fighter that wins the title, for John Cena and CM Punk, it’s a battle to save their career.

For two entire different reasons, but both being the result of one single incident, Cena and Punk’s wrestling careers are definitely at a risk. CM Punk’s WWE career had ended after he ranted about the WWE management and superstars in an angry rush.

Vince McMahon suspended Punk just before the championship bout. And this brought the defending champion John Cena into the picture. He spoke for Punk, stating that he had every right to say what he did, and asked him to reinstate the fight that has been cancelled following Puck’s suspension.

McMahon obliged, but he put one condition: if Punk walks out of the Rosemont’s Allstate Arena with the belt around his waist, Cena will be fired right away. This means that the July 17 bout will eventually see the exit of one of the leading wrestlers.

WWE Money in the Bank live stream will never be so impudently brash, like it’s going to be this Sunday. Cena hasn’t bought, through his conversation with McMahon, something he can’t deal with. 
He has earned the defending champion tag by winning the title, and says that he can easily beat the man, who has picked up a fight against him.
This all is happening amidst a serious discussion between Punk and McMahon that is still to take place. It is said that they may strike a deal.
Of what sort? 
  Well, that would become clear before the fight takes place, and clarify the status of the two fighters on July 17.

You can watch WWE Money in the Bank online and strike the bout down as your favorite in recent times, but no matter what you do, it has already reached a status other bouts beg to achieve.
Don’t miss the show!